Blind Spots Profile Plus
Below is a brief overview of the major areas of the Blind Spots Profile Plus.

Report Table of Contents:

1. The Blind Spot Matrix: Your Top Two Profile Choices

2. Perspective on Your Profile Scores

3. Your Top Blind Spot Profiles: Strengths and Blind Spots

4. Signs Your Blind Spots May Be Showing

5. Turn Your Blind Spots Back Into Assets: Strategies for Clear Sight

6. Worksheet for Developing Your Personal Clear Sight Plan

Appendix:   Who Sees Your Blind Spots?

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"Time with Claudia is always time well spent. She motivates us to think differently, to push our skills to the next level and openly see and manage our Blind Spots. She has helped us to develop Clear Sight of where we want to go and how to get there. There is a clear difference in my performance level and the increased value I am bringing to the company."

- Clare Hartman, VP, Pitney Bowes