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What's My Blind Spot
Blind Spots...What are they?

BlindSpots are patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving we often do unconsciously that can negatively influence our relationships with other people. They often show up when we are under stress and overuse our greatest strengths. So why are blind spots a big deal? Blind Spots can become possible problems in our working processes and relationship and if left unchecked, they can become serious obstacles to our progress.

We develop Clear Sight when we begin to recognize our blind spots and have a simple plan for turning them into strengths. This process is covered in detail throughout this site so please explore and join us in helping you discover what your Blind Spots are.

Do Blind Spots Affect Your Personal Life, Too?

Once people start seeing the fresh possibilities gained from Clear Sight at work, they want every person in their lives to share their experience. What's it like to be a clear-sighted friend, spouse, parent or relative?

Blind Spots at Work

Managers who understand their blind spots and develop clear sight are an extraordinarygroup of people. They reach their goals and are highly successful. They know their strengths, and how to manage their stresses. Bosses and employees find them credible and trustworthy. You will become one of them as you identify your own blind spots. Your resulting Clear Sight will let you see possibilities for your career and your relationships that you never would have imagined.

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"Time with Claudia is always time well spent. She motivates us to think differently, to push our skills to the next level and openly see and manage our Blind Spots. She has helped us to develop Clear Sight of where we want to go and how to get there. There is a clear difference in my performance level and the increased value I am bringing to the company."

- Clare Hartman, VP, Pitney Bowes